Inter-Library loan

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer services through Inter-Library Loan. KIC staff and students can now borrow books from Abu Dhabi University Library.

The Inter-Library Loans (ILL) service gives the staff and students of KIC, to request of the resources (reference books and the electronic resources) not currently held by the LRC and available in Abu Dhabi University Library.

Before you start to request an Item, please make sure:

  1. For reference books
    • Check our OPAC to confirm that the book is not available in our LRC OR,
    • Contact LRC circulation desk OR,
    • Send an email to [email protected]
  2. For electronic resources requests, search the topics in the commercial databases and open access resources available in the Library portal

Please make sure, the requested item is not available in the LRC and then place the request.

Please find the below FAQs for more information


To Request an Item- https://kic.ac.ae/welcome/lrc/


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who may use Interlibrary Services?

    All-Academic staff and students at KIC in both campuses

  2. What can I request through Interlibrary Services?

    Reference books and electronic resources without violating the copyright policy

  3. What cannot be borrowed through Interlibrary Services?

    • Items for which there is a circulating copy in ADU Library collection
    • E-textbooks
    • Scans of entire items protected by copyright
    • Scanning of more than 50 pages from a single item
    • Non-print materials (DVD's, CD's)
    • Electronic resources with copyrights
  4. How many books can a student borrow for how many days?

    One book for three days

  5. Can a student renew the book?


  6. How many book a staff can borrow for how many days?

    One book for seven days

  7. How do I place a request?

    You may place your request through online form available in the Library portal and KIC website
    (I will share the online link soon- under process)

  8. How to know the books available in the Abu Dhabi University Library

    Please go through the below link (OPAC ADU Library) and the screenshot to choose the university
    Once you search for a book please make sure to select the option ABU DHABI UNIV (left- hand side)

  9. How long does the process take?

    If the book is available at ADU Library, all Sundays and Wednesdays, KIC LRC in coordination with the facility department, will arrange the books to the KIC LRC. LRC will send an email to the requester to collect the books from the LRC.

  10. Where can I return my Interlibrary Services item(s)

    KIC LRC circulation desk

  11. How I will get to know the item is clear from my account

    The user will be added in the loop for any communication, till the book has been delivered back to the concerned library

  12. Is there a charge for borrowing a book from another library


  13. Can we place the request for any electronic resources?

    The electronic resources without copyright infringement (please see the below disclaimer)
    • The ILL agreement excludes document delivery of electronic resources that do not support respective license agreement and/or for which “walk-in” use is stipulated, and/or enrolled/employed status is required.
    • Any photocopying of resources must meet UAE and international copyright standards and the copyright policies of the respective libraries