About Learning Resource Center


KIC views its Learning Resource Center (LRC) as a vital resource for the development of the College. The KIC Management carefully adheres to the LRC policy and ensures that the library holdings are updated regularly. Our collection is growing depends upon the increasing number of students and programs.

The LRC offers comprehensive services to both the College staff and students. The LRC campuses each contain thousands of book titles in Business Administration, Information Technology, Computer Graphics and Animation, English language and literature, Islamic Banking and Finance, Mass Communication and Public Relations, Fashion Technology and Health Management, Optical, Dental and Medical Laboratory.

The LRC at each campus has a computer laboratory area has PCs equipped with high-speed internet access for easy browsing and preparation for assignments. Computer-based DVDs are available for most of the subjects as well as educational media for subject areas taught at the College.


    • Promote through the facility that continued self-development of the users in the direction of educational and applied research which put into practice the motto that "Building Library Resources is a Continuous Process".
    • Provide current library materials, access to library resources, serves via web page accessible 24/7 that support the academic curriculum
    • Enhance information literacy, especially in the student community by developing effective plans aiming to improve student ability to access information effectively and efficiently, evaluate information and its sources critically and understand economic, legal and social issues when using information.
    • Encourage course leaders to integrate the use of the LRC in most of the coursework assignments done by the students. 
    • Achieve satisfactory ranking for the Learning Resource Center amongst the LRCs of community Colleges in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Learning resource center Values


    • Encourage the process of independent learning.
    • Promote the Learning resource center for both real and virtual extended classrooms.
    • Embrace our role as collectors and custodians of the intellectual record.


    • Offer an environment that supports creativity, flexibility, and collaboration.
    • Believe that each user of the Learning resource center is unique and important.
    • Maintain a comfortable, welcoming and secure place for study, research, work, reflection and interaction.


    • Commit ourselves to excellence.
    • Seek out the experienced people and resources to accomplish our work.


    • Relate to each other with honesty and candor.
    • Promote the highest standards of our profession, including open and equitable access to information.


    • Engage in open and honest communication at all levels.


The Library's mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the University community. To fulfill this mission, the Library commits to:

  • Understand the research, teaching, and learning needs of its users;
  • Build collections and create tools to support research, teaching, and learning;
  • Provide access to and promote the discovery and use of local and external information resources;
  • Ensure the preservation and long-lasting availability of Library collections and resources;
  • Create hospitable physical and virtual environments for study, teaching, and research;
  • Collaborate with other members of the University to enrich the research and learning community;
  • Advance local, national, and international library and information initiatives;
  • Develop, encourage, and sustain expertise, skill, commitment and an innovative spirit in its staff.


As a center of intense intellectual inquiry, LRC shares with the University’s aspiration to be the most dynamic learning environment in UAE.

In this desired future, the Library ensures that its collections remain forward-looking, diverse in breadth and form, open to browsing, and of world-renowned quality. Through promotion, the Library makes people aware of the resources available to them, and through innovation, it makes access to these resources easier. The Library’s creation of an integrated, seamless web of information further streamlines access. To serve future users, the Library preserves information across all formats and ensures effective storage and delivery systems. The Library’s physical and virtual spaces respond to the changing habits of its users to enrich the campus experience and to multiply the ways in which people can pursue inquiry. The Library’s collaboration with expanding circles of partners yields unified access, broadening knowledge, and enhanced services.

The Library continues to embrace changes and align itself to thrive on diversity, to support professional growth and opportunity, and to reward flexibility and innovation.


Books & Journals

It is the goal of the library to own or have ready access to a sufficient number of informational resources with sufficient scope, depth, relevance, and accuracy in a variety of useful formats for the purpose of providing information; education and instruction; cultural experience and growth; and meaningful recreation to the library's users. LRC has largest collection of books and journals on open shelves. LRC cover all the specialization of subjects under each programs.

Business Administration:

The collection of Business Administration covers marketing, finance, accounting, statistics, business maths, management, international business, economics, leadership, human resource management and staffing, advertising, auditing, branding, business information system, accounting information system, business law, business management, compensation management, conflict management, consumer behavior, contract law, corporate finance, governmental accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, customer relations management, public relations management, discrete mathematics, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, financial accounting, financial statement analysis, leadership, logistics and supply chain management, knowledge management, marketing research, operation management, organizational behavior, probability, project management, public relations management, research methods in business, retail management, risk management, sales management, service management, time management, material management, total quality management, etc.

Information Technology and Computer Graphic and Administration

IT subject consists of algorithms, communications networks, keyboarding, network security, computer organization and design, computer systems, data mining, data warehouse, database management system, cryptography, user interface, digital design, digital image processing, wireless communications network, web programming, web design, dreamweaver, hacking database design, architecture, programming languages C, C++, C#,Java, Core Java, JavaScript, Visual C++, Visual basic, Visual studio, SQL, SQL exchange server, PLSQL, MySQL, PHP,HTML, XHTML, Pro JSF and Ajax, hacking, exchange server, Exam guides for CCNA, MCSE, MCITP, ISSEP, ISSAP, ISSMP, TCP/IP, Wireless application protocol, security systems, optical communications, program designs, software project management, software testing, software binding, operating systems, MS Office, MS Project, Windows server, object oriented programming, software engineering, system analysis and design, networking, data communications etc.

Computer Graphics & Animation consists of visual communications, storyboards, Photoshop, digital photography, digital sculpting, lighting, digital video, editing, video editing, visual graphics, graphic visual storytelling, digital visual effects, visual communications, media ethics, media selling, digital audio, making music, animation, character animation, cinematography, animation and games, 3D computer graphics and animation, 3ds Max, digital art, designing for print, actionscript, adobe flash, adobe illustrator, adobe indesign, adobe premier, adobe premier pro, autoCAD etc.

Mass Communication

In the year 2014 KIC started a new program Mass Communication in Arabic. This is a rare course in Middle East, and we have a good collection of books under this program. Collection contains public relations, multimedia, advertising, statistics, sociology, psychology etc.

Health Management

Health Management program consists of different courses like dental laboratory technology, optometry, and medical laboratory. We covers all the specialization under health management like psychology, chemistry, biology, biostatistics, genetics, anatomy, physiology, clinical laboratory techniques, blood banking and transfusion, electronic health record, ethics and law in public health, first aid & emergency management, forensic science, health economics, healthcare information & management, healthcare quality & safety, hematology, hospital operation, immunology, medical insurance, medical physics, medical sociology, medical terminology, medical tourism, microbiology, nursing, nutrition, parasitology, pathology, pharmacology, psychiatry, public health policy, veterinary science, virology, histology, pathology, public health, healthcare finance etc.

Islamic Banking and Finance

subjects also have a good space in LRC. Under this subject LRC covers the areas of Islamic banking, auditing, zakat accounting, Islamic accounting standards, Islamic ethics and governance, banking systems, central banking, European banking system, ethics in banking, bank regulatory reforms, bond markets, dictionary of finance and banking, credit risk measurements, contemporary waqf issues, financial structures and regulations, Essentials of Musharakah and Mudarabah, Global Bank Regulation, Islamic economics, Islamic insurance, Islamic economics, money banking and financial markets etc.

General subjects

More over this LRC provides a very good collection for General subjects (multimedia presentation, business communication, environmental issues, college mathematics, critical thinking, general English and literature and general study skills). It consist of business English, business correspondence and report writing, internship, business ethics, information literacy, interpersonal skills, professional communication, research methodology, study skills, communication skills, writing and reading skills. Environmental subjects contains the books relating with climate change, earth science, earth resources, environmental management, weather analysis, water resources, nuclear fusion and energy, environmental pollution etc. UAE culture and society, Islamism related books are also available under general category. English consists of general and literature such as grammar, dictionaries, vocabulary practice, IELTS, TOEFL, spoken English, language teaching and researching. English literature areas covers fictions, poems and short stories.


Journals: LRC subscribes more than 35 printed journals in different areas of subjects

CDs and DVDs: LRC has large amount of CDs and DVDs collection for the users.

Working hours




Abu Dhabi Campus

Sunday - Wednesday

10:00 am to 9:00 pm


10:00 am to 7:00 pm


12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Abu Dhabi Campus

Sunday - Wednesday

10:00 am to 9:00 pm


10:00 am to 7:00 pm


12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Staff & Contact





Contac Number

Ms. Raihanath Kadiri

Head of Library

Abu Dhabi

[email protected]

​+971 2 2015000

Mr. Abdalaziz Babikur


Al Ain

[email protected]

+971 3 708 7701 

Ms. Noor Al Askari

Reference Librarian

Abu Dhabi

[email protected]

​+971 2 2015071

LRC general Policies and Procedures

To provide a quality services and collection, LRC have a set of policies and procedures as mentioned below,


5.1 The following conduct is not permitted within the Library

  • Loud talking or laughing and talking.
  • Loud mobile ringing sound.
  • Drink or eat inside the library.
  • Use of library telephones by anyone other than library personnel, unless approved.
  • Theft, mutilation or defacement of library property, including books, periodicals, encyclopedias, or anything else contained in the library’s collection.
  • Misuse, misappropriate, damage or deface library furniture, building or equipment, including computer systems.
  • Removal of any library property, including any items from the library collection, without the authorization of library staff or through the library’s lending procedures.
  • Any other behavior that interferes with the right of others to enjoy and use the Library.

5.2 General Borrowing Policy

LRC designed its borrowing policy to maximize access to the collection by motivating the users to return material on time so that they are available for other users. Students should show their college ID to borrow books from the library. Loan period and number of books for the staff and students are different like: 

  • Students can borrow up to 5 books for 10 days.
  • Staff can borrow 10 books up to 30 days.

Associate and Bachelor Student 

  • 5 different titles for Associate student Bachelor students for a duration of 10 days.
  • It can be renewed for the next 10 days if no other request or reservation.
  • The Director of the library has the authority to recall a borrowed book at any time.

If the student is late in returning or renew: 

  •      Koha system should send automatic 1st reminder after 7 days 
  •      Koha system should send automatic 2nd reminder after 14 days 
  •      Koha system should block the borrower after 21 days. If the borrower failed to return.
  •      The Koha system should not allow the borrower in both campuses for any library materials.

Reminder email: should contain list of borrowed items with Title, Author, Tag Number, borrowing date, due date of the book.


Borrowing Policy during Pandemic

During Pandemic, Circulation Services continue for the students and the staff. We shall deliver the reference books to faculty and Students to their Location.

  • Users can choose the book from the OPAC
  • Users can send an email to [email protected] for requesting the books.

All Sundays and Wednesdays we shall deliver the books to the home address with the help of KIC Transportation.

5.3   LRC E-Resources Usage Rules

It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure that the use of electronic resources does not breach the terms and conditions   specified in the license agreements. Licenses vary from publisher to publisher; however, the general principles are as follows:

  • Electronic resources such as articles, e-journals, e-databases, e-books made available by the KIC Learning Resource Center are for academic use.
  • These resources can be searched, browsed and material may be downloaded and printed as single copies of articles as is done in the case of printed library material. Downloading or printing of a complete book or an entire issue or a volume of one or more journals (called systematic downloading) is strictly prohibited.
  • Access to the resources should be at the KIC classes, or library workstations, or via college network, or by restricted usernames and passwords. 
  • One copy of the resource is acceptable for archival purposes


  • Viewing, downloading, copying, printing and saving a copy of search results.
  • Viewing, downloading, copying, printing and saving individual articles
  • Using e-resources for scholarly, educational or scientific research, teaching, private study and clinical purposes
  • Sending a copy of an article to another authorized user (i.e. current faculty, students or staff)
  • Posting the URL to the publisher's version of the article on a class website (publisher links will allow only authorized users access)

Not Allowed:

  • Use of robots or intelligent agents to do systematic, bulk or automatic downloading is not permitted
  • Systematic downloading or printing of entire journal issues or volumes, or large portions of other e-resources is not permitted
  • Using e-resources for commercial gain is not permitted (i.e. reselling, redistributing or republishing licensed content)
  • Transmitting, disseminating or otherwise making online content available to unauthorized users (i.e. sending to mailing lists or electronic bulletin boards) is not permitted

Copyright Policy

Al Khwarizmi International College Learning Resource Center Copyright law is derived from the UAE Copyright Law which was first released in 1993. The Copyright Law was published in the Official Gazette of UAE Federal Law No.7 of 2002 regarding Copyright and Related rights. Although the copyright law applies for a variety of works in many formats, the following Copyright Policy will clarify the rule for using information resources at the library. Any person who makes an unauthorized copy of library material or irresponsibly uses non-print / electronic resources will be considered as infringing copyright, and may be subjected to legal consequences.

Copyright law for Printed materials

The UAE Copyright Law governs the photocopying of copyrighted materials. Libraries and other non-profit institutions are exempted from the law if the photocopy is to be used for research, scholarship, teaching and studying.

  1. Copies of printed materials, by individuals, are permitted for their own use or as a request for the instructor’s personal use. Copies are allowed for scholarly use to facilitate research and teaching activities.                                
  2. Acceptable copying parameters that comply with the Copyright Law
    • A chapter from a book, or multiple excerpts if the total copies are 10% or less of the total length of the book
    • An article from a periodical issue or newspaper
    • A short story, short essay, or short poem
    • Copied materials must be submitted with full reference citation

Copyright law for Non-Print / Electronic Information Resources

Library’s non-print / electronic resources are covered by licensing agreements for non-profit use by KIC faculties, students and staff for educational and research purposes. Access to the resources should be at the KIC classes, or library workstations, or via college network, or by restricted user names and passwords. One copy of the resource is acceptable for archival purposes

Copyright law for Interlibrary Loan

  • KIC Learning Resource Center has the right to reject any ILL request which may violate the copyright law
  • KIC Learning Resource Center may provide photocopies or scanned documents of library materials, for teaching, studying and research activities, with adherence to copyright law
  • KIC Learning Resource Center will be responsible not to request any ILL requests that violate the copyright law.
  • Posting the publisher's version or PDF of an article to an open class website is not permitted (instead, post the URL to the article which will allow only authorized users access)