Books & Journals

It is the goal of the library to own or have ready access to a sufficient number of informational resources with sufficient scope, depth, relevance, and accuracy in a variety of useful formats for the purpose of providing information; education and instruction; cultural experience and growth; and meaningful recreation to the library's users. LRC has largest collection of books and journals on open shelves. LRC cover all the specialization of subjects under each programs.

Business Administration:

The collection of Business Administration covers marketing, finance, accounting, statistics, business maths, management, international business, economics, leadership, human resource management and staffing, advertising, auditing, branding, business information system, accounting information system, business law, business management, compensation management, conflict management, consumer behavior, contract law, corporate finance, governmental accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, customer relations management, public relations management, discrete mathematics, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, financial accounting, financial statement analysis, leadership, logistics and supply chain management, knowledge management, marketing research, operation management, organizational behavior, probability, project management, public relations management, research methods in business, retail management, risk management, sales management, service management, time management, material management, total quality management, etc.

Information Technology and Computer Graphic and Administration

IT subject consists of algorithms, communications networks, keyboarding, network security, computer organization and design, computer systems, data mining, data warehouse, database management system, cryptography, user interface, digital design, digital image processing, wireless communications network, web programming, web design, dreamweaver, hacking database design, architecture, programming languages C, C++, C#,Java, Core Java, JavaScript, Visual C++, Visual basic, Visual studio, SQL, SQL exchange server, PLSQL, MySQL, PHP,HTML, XHTML, Pro JSF and Ajax, hacking, exchange server, Exam guides for CCNA, MCSE, MCITP, ISSEP, ISSAP, ISSMP, TCP/IP, Wireless application protocol, security systems, optical communications, program designs, software project management, software testing, software binding, operating systems, MS Office, MS Project, Windows server, object oriented programming, software engineering, system analysis and design, networking, data communications etc.

Computer Graphics & Animation consists of visual communications, storyboards, Photoshop, digital photography, digital sculpting, lighting, digital video, editing, video editing, visual graphics, graphic visual storytelling, digital visual effects, visual communications, media ethics, media selling, digital audio, making music, animation, character animation, cinematography, animation and games, 3D computer graphics and animation, 3ds Max, digital art, designing for print, actionscript, adobe flash, adobe illustrator, adobe indesign, adobe premier, adobe premier pro, autoCAD etc.

Mass Communication

In the year 2014 KIC started a new program Mass Communication in Arabic. This is a rare course in Middle East, and we have a good collection of books under this program. Collection contains public relations, multimedia, advertising, statistics, sociology, psychology etc.

Health Management

Health Management program consists of different courses like dental laboratory technology, optometry, and medical laboratory. We covers all the specialization under health management like psychology, chemistry, biology, biostatistics, genetics, anatomy, physiology, clinical laboratory techniques, blood banking and transfusion, electronic health record, ethics and law in public health, first aid & emergency management, forensic science, health economics, healthcare information & management, healthcare quality & safety, hematology, hospital operation, immunology, medical insurance, medical physics, medical sociology, medical terminology, medical tourism, microbiology, nursing, nutrition, parasitology, pathology, pharmacology, psychiatry, public health policy, veterinary science, virology, histology, pathology, public health, healthcare finance etc.

Islamic Banking and Finance

subjects also have a good space in LRC. Under this subject LRC covers the areas of Islamic banking, auditing, zakat accounting, Islamic accounting standards, Islamic ethics and governance, banking systems, central banking, European banking system, ethics in banking, bank regulatory reforms, bond markets, dictionary of finance and banking, credit risk measurements, contemporary waqf issues, financial structures and regulations, Essentials of Musharakah and Mudarabah, Global Bank Regulation, Islamic economics, Islamic insurance, Islamic economics, money banking and financial markets etc.

General subjects

More over this LRC provides a very good collection for General subjects (multimedia presentation, business communication, environmental issues, college mathematics, critical thinking, general English and literature and general study skills). It consist of business English, business correspondence and report writing, internship, business ethics, information literacy, interpersonal skills, professional communication, research methodology, study skills, communication skills, writing and reading skills. Environmental subjects contains the books relating with climate change, earth science, earth resources, environmental management, weather analysis, water resources, nuclear fusion and energy, environmental pollution etc. UAE culture and society, Islamism related books are also available under general category. English consists of general and literature such as grammar, dictionaries, vocabulary practice, IELTS, TOEFL, spoken English, language teaching and researching. English literature areas covers fictions, poems and short stories.


Journals: LRC subscribes more than 35 printed journals in different areas of subjects

CDs and DVDs: LRC has large amount of CDs and DVDs collection for the users.