1. Provide current library materials and databases that support the academic curriculum
  2. Organize materials to facilitate their use.
  3. Provide guidance and aid to the users in their use of the library's resources.
  4. Promote through the facility the continued self-development of the public in the direction of cultural, creative, educational and recreational goals
  5. Educate and assist college, students and staff in the identification and effective use of information resources
  6. Provide access to library resources and servers via web pages and online resources
  7. Ensure that resources available are current appropriate and accessible 24/7
  8. Work closely with users; know their needs and interests
  9. Put into practice the motto that building library resources is a continuous process
  10. Enhance information literacy, especially in the student community, by developing effective plans aiming at improving student ability to:
    • Access information effectively and efficiently
    • Evaluate information and its sources critically
    • Understand economic, legal and social issues when using information
    • Access and use information critically and legally